Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Name is Lucy!

We have named our puppy Lucy! A more true statement is I named our puppy Lucy. Dwain informed me that this is "my puppy." He would've named her Pepper. He is enjoying her as much as I am, although he might not admit it. In the past it would have been the other way around. I knew he would have been ok with having a dog so when I finally got to a point where I was ready, it was a matter of keeping our eyes open for the right one. While our eyes were busy, Dwain decided we didn't want a dog...we would want to train our dog and in order to best insure that feat, was to find a puppy. He didn't want to be up in the middle of the night and we all know that someone with Fibromyalgia doesn't want to loose sleep either. If you read my last post, you know I found Lucy at Josh's baseball game. Dwain was trying to protect me when he said no to the puppy. I love him for that protection. I'm strong-willed too and I stood my ground and he let Lucy come home with us without saying another word. I was fortunate for not fighting about it. I have often read that pets in the home help reduce stress. For myself, I wanted a lap dog that I could love, enjoy and in return she might lower the tension in my body. What I have noticed is that Dwain is smiling more. He has been down this past winter and spring. So another gift. I love finding gifts during my day. The trick is to be aware that you are receiving them. Lucy is a gift for both of us. On that note I have been the one up at night with Lucy. Of course living in a 37' RV, Dwain isn't sleeping either. My Fibro is miserable due to the lack of sleep. I have periodically taken a Vicodin. Because I have lived through raising three children, I know that Lucy will eventually sleep through the night. I hope I can hold out 'til she gets tired enough to sleep through the night! We took Lucy for her first Vet appointment this morning. She weighs 2.5# and is perfect! Goes again in a month for her next shot then after two months she can be fixed.

Josh has a ball game tonight. There are no more puppies to bring home so we will go and enjoy the game. Josh is the starting pitcher of this game!

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