Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our New Puppy

We have a cute puppy at our house! She is 8-9 weeks old. Her Momma is a Dachshund. Her Father is unknown. She has very wavey black hair. There's speculation that the Father may be a Cocker Spaniel. She has a little snout which makes me wonder about him being a Poodle. Her former owner said she was mellow like her Momma and the runt of the litter. That helped me know I wanted her to come home with us. Dwain was not receptive. We were at Josh's baseball game and the owner had brought her to the game with their family. I let Dwain know that even though he didn't want a dog, I did. Those who know me would think I flipped. As I have never been a dog person. Once she starts sleeping through the night, I will be happy. Last night, being our first night together, she played 40 minutes then slept for an hour. This was her pattern all night. Needless to say, I enjoyed the play time but going outside for her to potty in my bathrobe and broken sleep, was not so fun. I am anxious for unbroken sleep to come back to my night time already. She came from a home with seven kids and three puppy siblings still at home. I expected separation anxiety. My Fibromyalgia is flaring. :( Our friends have given us a dog kennel, which was kind. I'm hoping I come to understand the need for it. Dwain has a plan and said it will be good to have. I will keep you posted on my adventures with this "little bit."

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  1. oh how fun!!! A puppy! enjoy the little one!