Saturday, May 29, 2010

I've been living with a sinus infection and our new puppy Lucy. The combination has not been good for my Fibro. Hence why I haven't been on blogging. My body protested wildly. Usually when I have a flare I am able to be on my computer. But the combination of the three, knocked me down. I had to increase my Neurotin. But I'm doing better and so is Lucy. I'm still moving slower.

Lucy is improving with her house skills. Yesterday she went to the door twice and again first thing this morning. She is also sleeping in her crate well. Friday morning she even put herself in the crate for a nap. :) She is getting up 2x a night. I will be soooo happy when she decreases the night potty calls. :)

Our friends from the coast are here this weekend. It is good to see them. We are having a wonderful visit. Today the guys are off to see the lay of the land. The girls are going to do a little shopping. My grandkids will babysit Lucy. I've been having increased pain in my upper legs so don't know how long this shopping spree will last for me. That's ok, there are many places to sit and enjoy the busy activity of the small town of Joseph.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I am glad Lucy is doing better! Miss your blogs!