Sunday, August 22, 2010

AWESOME Blog Friends

I have wonderful people who read my blog. Thank you for your encouraging words. I know we live this vicious cycle...pain, depression, then doing ok. We know what it takes to exist in our world. It's a constant battle to balance what we feel and what we portray. Always trying to push ourselves to participate. I think I'm tired of trying. I need a couple of days to do nothing, but take care of myself.

Today is a quiet day in the park. Sunday is a transition with another round of campers. Reservations are slowing down with schools starting. It's a good time to do the extra projects in the park. Today is a cool day, cloudy. The sun is due back this coming week and Labor Day weekend will be upon us. We also start loosing hosts. They are moving on to their next assignment. That leaves an extra load on us who stay until the new hosts arrive.

Our 38th wedding Anniversary is September 1st. The longer we are married, the more amazed I am of our journey. Dwain and I met the first time as toddlers. Our parents square danced together so we saw each other periodically during our young years. We went to separate grade schools, but the same high school. We started dating the fall of our junior year. We dated three additional years out of high school before marrying. We have three awesome kids, who are leading productive, happy lives. They have terrific mates and our grandchildren are amazing. I count my blessings in the family department daily.

My bulging disks are doing better today. I continue my exercises and will see my Chiropractor on Monday.


  1. I know this feeling all too well... last week I asked everyone to just allow me a bit of wallowing time. I think we all hit that now and again, whatever part of the adjusting-to-life-with-fibro cycle we are in. It's okay, allow yourself some grace.

    Happy anniversary Sept 1, yayyy! :)

    Take it easy, take care of yourself, and we're all here for you. :)

  2. Debbie, I'm glad we are all here for each other, my life would be so lonely without you..we live pretty far away from longtime friends and to be honest, how can they understand this illness? thanks for being there for ME.

  3. I am so glad I met you through our blogs! You have helped me so much and I am glad someone else understands what I go through. You and Barb have been a great help with Mom too, as you both have been there before. I, like Barb, am glad we can be there for each other!

    Happy happy happy Anniversary!!!!!!! What an awesome day it will be for you!!!!!

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