Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is Me

One of the blogs I follow, posted more about the writer personally. I so enjoyed the posting, that I've decided to do the same here. You won't learn about my bank account (sorry) but more about ME. :D My intention is to write info that even my best friends might not know.

My Dad and Mom met at a community dance in 1950. They married a few months later. When I was born my parents lived on a dairy farm on Lommen Road off of Highway 53 in Mohler, Oregon, which is now known as part of Nehalem, Oregon. My Dad was the hired hand. Not long after my birth, my parents moved to an apartment above the Mohler Store. Dad worked for the store driving a hay truck. He picked up the hay in the valley bringing it back to the store. He would also deliver to local farms. Periodically I road to the valley with Dad. He always shared Juicy Fruit Gum with me. I felt special spending the day with my Dad. Walt the Milk Man picked me up every day after his delivery to the store. He would take me to Alice's Restaurant for coffee. As you walked into Alice's, were cups hanging on the wall. I had my favorite and selected it every day. I would get 1/4 cup of coffee and the rest milk with two teaspoons of sugar. After our coffee, Walt would take me home as he continued his delivery route. I have many fond memories living above the store.

I have three younger brothers. Ken is 19 months younger, Bob is 5 years younger and Shawn who is almost 13 years younger. When Shawn was a couple months old, Mom had a post-natal stroke. I became the Mom of the house, cooking, laundry, taking care of the baby. It was a busy time. The doctor told Mom she was going to die. Fortunately, she did not and was able to resume her Momma duties after several months.

My parents began drinking heavily when I was in 7th grade. We didn't know how their drinking would hurt our family until many years later. Fortunately they were happy drunks instead of mean or violent. Ken and I had to alternate weekends when we wanted to have fun with friends.

I graduated from Neah-Kah-Nie High School in Rockaway, Oregon. Dwain and I started dating the fall of our junior year. We dated three additional years after high school before marrying September 1, 1972. We will celebrate 38 years of marriage this year.

I worked as a legal secretary for the majority of my adult life, either for attorneys or the court.

We have three children, Seth and Heather, twins born 35 years ago. Our youngest Adam is 32. I am so proud of the adults they have become. We have three amazing grandchildren, Patrick, 14, Joshua, 12 and Lyla who will be two in October. We also have two step grandchildren, Jeff, 16 and Kendra 13.

We retired seven years ago, just after my Fibromyalgia came to live with us full-time. We have done many miles of travel, park hosted from time to time and have enjoyed ourselves.

I hope you have learned something new about me whether you are learning for the first time or have known me for many years.


  1. I love learning more about you! congratulations on the 38 wonderful years of marriage!!!! What a great thing! I so love that you travel full time. What an awesome experience that must be. I would love to do that if Mom was healthier we may have been able to. I do hope someday you travel to the midwest and visit us in Michigan. I would not suggest it in the winter or summer as winter is freezing and summer is boiling. However, spring and fall are simply beautiful!

  2. Yay, it was great learning more about you!! :)

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