Monday, August 23, 2010

It's A Better Day :D

Feeling so much better today.

My back is maintaining. Saw my Chiropractor today.

My depressive mood is gone! I hope it stays away for EVER!!

My biggest worry today is for my sister-in-law, Marcy. She has been taken by ambulance to OHSU in Portland. They know she was dehydrated, severely anemic, had a stroke atleast 48 hours ago (she didn't know it happened) and, if all that isn't enough, she has an aneurysm near her brain stem. My brother has taken care of their three small children, leaving them with family and the last I heard he was driving the two hour trip to Portland. He will call me later with an update. I hope she will be ok. I would hate to loose her. Her Mom died of after having a stroke, then an aneurysm so she is understandably scared.


  1. I hope your sister-in-law Marcy gets better soon!!!! We are praying for her.

  2. Deb, let us know..prayers always..


  3. I will pray for her. An aneurysm is very, very serious. She's quite lucky they found it before it ruptured.
    Be well.

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  5. Hey Sara, taking hydrocodone is very serious. If you can find a more alternative means to a end like seeing a chiropractor or different supplements your organs will last much longer.

    Dr D