Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AWESOME Family Time!!!

Our trip to the Oregon Coast was AWESOME!!!!

I took the eight hour drive with my daughter, two grandsons and step-granddaughter. We shared a rental beach house with my cousins Cheryl and Jenn, their two kids plus another cousin. The kids were near the same age and got along well. It was a relaxing visit. I stayed up late a couple nights and paid for it later. But not as hard as I expected. I am so thankful.

Dwain held down the home front and our park duties. Our Lucy was sick while I was away. Today is the first day she has eaten normally. Dwain has had 10-12 people on his photography hikes. He enjoys the outdoors, hiking and sharing what he knows about photography. The hike is a major challenge for me. I've decided I will take the hikes for the exercise. I'm not much help in the photography department, but have found to be useful in other areas. My pace is slow, so I bring up the rear.

I have misplaced my camera. I took many photos while at the coast so hoping it shows up soon.


  1. Good for you for taking the hike. My husband loves to hike and when we go together he is always really sweet to be extra slow for me.

  2. Dwain has always been good to me too. He knows what I can do and if he's taken the hike before and he knows it's to much for me, he says so. I really appreciate that. I don't need to be set up to fail. I take to many chances on my own!! :D

  3. Deb I enjoyed reading your blog , check out mine I am a pharmacist with fibromyalgia
    Thanks Jo

  4. I also have another blog