Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Hot!

My morning went well. We went into Mexico. Did a little shopping. We both found a memento plus a bottle of booze each! We had Shrimp Tacos for lunch. Dwain had a mexican beer he enjoyed. I had a margarita that I enjoyed.

The temperature went up by noon. We had an 81 degree day. Once the heat hit, I melted and my pain increased. I had difficulty walking. Fatigue nailed me good. When that happens, my tummy feels sick. Once we got home, I layed back in my recliner. I feel I drank plenty of water. So frustrating when your body fails you.

You can ... put a smile on your face when you would rather not.

You can ... enjoy shrimp tacos!!


  1. Oh Debbie it is awful this Fibro thing. The heat for me is what works the dampness and the cold not so much. I wrote about dealing with it on A World of Disguises. I understand no more running from the truth for me. B

  2. Shrimp tacos are soooo yummy!!!!! I am glad you rested for the afternoon and did enjoy yourself in Mexico!!! One of these summers you need to come to stay near me in Michigan.