Thursday, February 23, 2012

WARNING!!! I'm Crabby Today

A necessary evil while boondocking in the desert is going to the laundermat. We come to town once a week. On that day we try to accomplish as many errands as we can. As I write it is 81 outside and it feels like 90 inside. You know what happens when you try to do alot in one day. That's about the first piece of advice we give others.

We were going to purchase another solar panel, but the store owner talked Dwain out of that idea. Amazing to have a store owner talk you out of spending $400 in his establishment. So instead of saving the $400, he spent $369 on a solar oven and cooking pans. My husband has no will power...if there is $$$$, he must spend it. I hope you all pity me cause sometimes that's what I feel I need. :-D

My neck is about to fall off. I don't do well in this heat. I have neck tie cooler. I got it ready but left it on the kitchen table. As always my brain doesn't work causing brain fog.

A sad note of interest. Two helicopters collided, killing 7 Marines. This occured last evening in the hills behind where we are parked. When there is a loss of life like this, I want to go home.

On a happy note, a friend just called me. He is in Seattle. It was nice to visit with him.

Boy, I'm a crab...sorry

Yes you can ... try to keep a positive outlook. I failed today

Yes you can ... try to keep cool. I failed today


  1. I hope you stay cool! Oh my heat feeling like it is 90 is wayyyyy to hot for me too! I hope you will have a beautiful day tomorrow!


  2. We have our air conditioning on. That's not normal for February. I do better in fall and winter.

  3. One of my favorite authors, SARK, says that we should embrace our crabbiness. It helps us remember that we are human, and not perfect robotic individuals. As long as we are honest about out crabbiness and then allow others to be crabby too. I hope your fibro and brain fog calms down so you can have a less crabby tomorrow!