Monday, February 27, 2012

Relaxing Day

I had a nice day! Happy to be able to say that after the last few days.

We went into town early this morning to pick up my monthly prescriptions and got groceries. After returning to the desert, we went to visit a couple we met while playing music on Sundays. Dwain has been giving Pearl dulcimer lessons. I visited with her husband Roy. Nice folks, nearing 80. I dream of living to their age and wish I could be in as good of shape mentally and physically.

When we came home I did a few chores, laid down for about an hour. When I got up I had a snack and worked on a crossword puzzle. I didn't like the idea of fixing dinner, but we all know that dinner needed to be made. After dinner, I posted our March 1st bills to be paid. So...I was able to accomplish a few things, but the day was relaxed.

My shoulder muscles have been so tight. There is an advertisement for massage for $35 for an hour. I'm tempted to schedule an appointment.

Two high school classmates will arrive on Tuesday afternoon. Looking forward to their visit.

Oh! I wanted to mention that we have cooked two meals and one dessert in our solar oven. They all turned out yummy. Doing a roast tomorrow. :-D

So nice to write about happenings in my day and not be crabby.

Yes you can ... share your skills with neighbors

Yes you can ... have a relaxing dayR


  1. I am so glad you had a relaxing day!!!!


  2. I have read that a good relaxing massage could help people suffering from fibromyalgia. But, the massage for $35 per hour is a bit pricey. Try to buy relaxing oil and have your love one do the massage. Less pricey and romantic.

  3. When I got sick from pesticides in 1991 I developed fibromyalgia along with tons of weird symptoms. Years of research led to a Eureka moment. Pesticide that was sprayed at home was an organophosphate, a class of pesticides that are neurotoxic and that cause overexcitation of nervous system. Guess what the fibromyalgia drug lyrica does? It calms overactive nerves!!! Once I started to avoid pesticides and other toxic chemicals I got lots better!! Wonder why doctors haven't figured this out? Cece