Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday we purchased a solar oven, pots and pans included. We used it today, baking a torte, then meat loaf and baked potatoes. The potatoes needed more time. The torte and meat loaf were good. Because you cook outside, it keeps the house cooler. We spend the summer in eastern Oregon and the sun shines nicely while we are there. We grill often in the summer, so this will give us a variety. My Fibro appreciates not having added heat in my house by late afternoon.

It was another warm day, but we had 20 mph winds, which made the heat tolerable. My pain level this afternoon and evening has been a 7. Assuming because of two busy days in town and the heat. It is interesting to me where the pain jabs show up and how they often feel different. I'm out of Tramadol. I needed two of my prescriptions transferred from another pharmacy. Walmart will not take a request for a transfer over the telephone. You must bring the bottles in. Intellectually, I know there is a good reason. BUT, my pea-brain wants it handled over the phone so I don't need to go into town until I pick them up. I believe I have more situations since my Fibromyalgia came to stay that frustrate me. Walmart only wants to protect me, NOT piss me off.

I miss my kids while we are in Arizona. I appreciate living in an era that I can talk to them by phone, email and Facebook. I have three children. Seth and Heather are our first born (and second born). Yes, they are twins. They are 36. Adam, my baby, is 33. Seth lives in Chicago. Heather lives in eastern Oregon in Wallowa and has two boys. Adam lives in Vancouver, Washington. He has a daughter, Lyla. I could not be more proud of the adults they have become.


  1. Sorry about your meds and Wal-Mart pharmacy.

    I have Kaiser Permante for insurance. I can order online and get meds by mail. Tried to log on today and they wouldn't take my sign in info and locket me out.So I have to call their techs to get it back.

    It seems as hard as it is for us to do things, some maker it harder for us.

    Your solar stove sounds great. I am in Oregon so I couldn't use one.

  2. Hi Deb,

    My name is Allison. My husband, Cliff, has been living with Fibromyalgia for over ten years. Maybe fifteen. It all becomes a terrible blur. He has a very extreme case, especially uncommon because he is a man. Last year his Fibro days increased to the point that I was afraid he would have to quit his job and go on disability. He missed over 20 days of work because he couldn't stand straight, walk, talk, or think. Even if he could work he was in pain at least 75% of the time at a level of 5 or greater. He frequently was reduced to a fetal position and could not even talk to anyone.

    I want to share with you a discovery we made. I am going to keep a long story short. Many factors and much prayer lead us to try a whole foods plant-based diet. We eat no dairy, eggs, fish, poultry or meat. Basically, we eat like strict vegans. But we are not vegan in principle. We started officially as of 1/1/12. But Cliff gave himself 2 weeks before that to give up his Pepsi and ease into it. I am on a mission now to share his results with as many Fibromyalgia sufferers as I can.

    Cliff has not missed a single day of work this year. He has not had a single Fibro day this year. There is no sign of depression. He has lost 25 pounds. He sleeps better he feels alive. His brain fog has eased away. It is nothing short of a miracle. We give our Lord Jesus all the thanks and praise for this because He led us to this.

    I am for real. My husband is for real. You can contact me if you like and I will share as much as I can. I want to help as many fibro sufferers as I can.

    This is the one treatment that no doctor ever suggested to us. Cliff was on so many meds over the years with so many awful side-effects. He took many years to take the plunge to changing his diet radically. But now he is so glad he has. We have had the theory that his Fibro was brought on by aspartame. It was sudden onset. That was the only change in his diet or lifestyle. Ever since then I have had a suspicion that diet would bring him relief.

    This dietary change is a difficult change for most people to make. I asked Cliff to try it as a 12 week experiment. If I was wrong and diet wouldn’t help he could eat whatever made him happy for the rest of his life. He now has asked me never to change things back.

    Maybe by sharing this with as many people as I can, some will find at least some relief. I don't claim that this is everyone's answer because, of course, we don't even know what causes Fibromyalgia. But if diet has helped Cliff, then I hope it will help others.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to share this. I hope it helps someone, somewhere.