Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hot Day in the Wallowa Valley

Another hot day in the Wallowa Valley. Heat is not my friend. :(

Dwain is putting a new seal on the gray tank and repaired a crack on the black tank. It's a HUGE undertaking and will take all day. He hopes to complete the project today. I hope so to. Right now we can't use the water in our our RV. It's inconvenient, but the seal and repairing the crack are important. It is against the law for the tanks to leak, plus the sanitary issue. If you are interested, Dwain blogs about RV tips at

I'm trying to rest for a few days due to a flare. However, there are things to be done. We are watching the RV park were we stay for a week. The owners will be back Thursday evening. Saturday night was hectic, but the rest of the week has been fine.

Our New Zealand friends continued on their journey around the United States. They were fun to get to know. We will keep in touch through email.

Had a nice phone visit with Seth last night. All's well in Chicago. I'm looking forward to having him home for Christmas. Our visit are never long enough for me.

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