Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trip is Over

We arrived in Wallowa this afternoon. Good to be here. Got several loads of "stuff" transferred from the "little house" to the "big house." Will finish tomorrow.

We had a great two weeks on the road. Only downer was my cousin Natalie's death. Although we will miss her daily, her pain is relieved and that is positive.

We took two days on our drive across the state of Oregon. We did not take the Fruit Loop, like I would have liked. Sometimes the driver takes "driver's privilege" and doesn't always stop when I would like to stop. Frustrating. We did discuss it. Now we will see what happens next time the situation arises. Accomplished several errands in the Portland area then traveled to Rufus. Rufus is our usual overnight stop. We park on Army Corps of Engineers land along the Columbia River Gorge. There was a kite boarder and many kite surfers. Colorful and fun to watch. Took photos, but have not downloaded yet. Had a great night sleep. Woke up, read for about 40 minutes then got up to start the day. Had breakfast then took my cup of tea and Dwain took his coffee and we walked along the river for awhile. Took a few photos.

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