Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, a few days turned into 10 days!

We have had a busy ten days...class reunion, visiting friends and family and a death in our family.

Our 40th high school class reunion was great fun. NKN Class of 1969 rocks! We visited from breakfast through late evening. To sit and talk all day is exhausting. My legs were cramping and jumping. When I started getting dizzy and walking funny, I had to call it a day. So nice to see our high school friends. There are a handful I am in touch with regularly. But others, I haven't seen in 40 years! Most were heavier, have more gray hair or balding. Decided we want to meet in two years when we all turn 60 rather than wait the usual five years. Can't believe we are getting this old. There is an urgency about getting to this age, like you better hurry and do what you want to do. But there is also a calm and relaxing feeling, as you have led a good, full life. I'm proud of what Dwain and I have accomplished as a couple and individually. Many of our classmates are getting ready to retire. A few have already retired, like us. Most have grandchildren.

After the class reunion we stayed with friends in Seaside. Dwain took photos of Marie's dahlias. Beautiful colors. We were able to visit with mutual friends, John and Mary. The next day we stayed at Fort Stevens State Park. We had a wonderful dinner and visit with old neighbors, Gary and Kay and their kids, Rita and Tim. We will see Gary and Kay when we return to Arizona this winter.

Then we were off to spend two days with Adam, Carrie and Lyla. Between the warm weather, an 11 month old granddaughter and visiting...I was spent. But wouldn't change my time with them. It was the best! I was lucky to take two naps with Lyla. We were both happy to wake up smiling at each other. Two naps in one day!!! While there, received word that my cousin, Natalie, passed away from breast cancer. She was only 50 years old. Her battle was long. My heart is broken. I have 52 first cousins on my Dad's side of the family and Nat was our first loss of my generation. Instead of returning to Wallowa as planned, we turned our RV around and returned to the Oregon coast.

Thursday was a quiet day for us, which we needed. That evening Dwain's Dad and Lenora brought pizza for dinner...very good. Friday we attended an evening of music at the Garibaldi Fire Hall. Dennis played the violin and Dwain his harmonica. Today we picked up prescriptions and groceries. I attended my cousin Shannon's bridal shower. Sunday is a family gathering at cousins, Steve and Genene's. Always a good time. The time with family helps the healing of loosing Natalie.

On Monday we will start our journey back to Wallowa. Looking forward to seeing Matt, Heather, Patrick and Joshua. Patrick and Joshua are playing football. Excited to watch their games.

Also excited about getting back to my comfy chair. :-)

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