Saturday, June 27, 2009


When the doctor told you, "Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease" did it really register?

For me, I understood what chronic meant, but the realization of chronic sunk in later. Probably on a day when depression was trying to knock me down. Then as you are reading everything you can get your hands on, you find articles about how Fibromyalgia has been cured. Your hopes rise. Some roller coaster we are on huh? I had this ride yesterday while at the Chiropractor's office, then again this am when I read a note on Facebook. The Chiropractor has a new program I am going to try. Sorry I can't remember the name of it, (surprised?) but will update you after my appointment on Tuesday. She said she has a cousin with Fibro and she was cured on this program. If you are like me, we are always looking for that cure. The Chiropractor believes Fibro is caused by environment and food we eat. So, we have a different view, but I'm going to try it. If she can make me feel even a small bit better...I will follow her anywhere!

Off to grandson's All-Star game today. They don't play to 2 pm so wish me luck all afternoon in the sun. :>)

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