Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heat of the Day

Yesterday we attended our grandson's All-Star baseball game. The game was held at 2 pm. I don't know the temperature, but HOT. We purchased and sat under a canopy, which saved us. As I've said before, my Fibro does not like heat. Today is another game at 2 pm, so pray for my body to have tolerance. I have Vicodin to take as I need it. Today will be one of those days. Only took one yesterday, but I can tell how I feel this morning that I will need to start sooner. Monday's game is at 9 am. Thank God! I would love to hear from others in how they handle the heat. I realize that I would physically feel better if I stayed home in my air conditioned home, but my heart would be broken. Watching my kids and grandkids participate in activities they enjoy is a great joy to me.

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