Friday, June 19, 2009

Menopause Symptoms

Well, my monthly cycle is 2 months late. I'm thrilled that I may not have to deal with this in the near future. However, it's messing with my Fibromyalgia and that's NOT ok. I am hurting more in the last month than I've hurt for a number of years. Dr. said she can put me on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or I can try herbal therapy. HRT can cause a slight risk to breast cancer. I'm going to try herbal therapy first. I don't know which one, but will seek the advice of the health community.

I have also experienced tremors of my hands and head. Not sure their source, but Dr. wanted to know if the tremors started prior or after I start on Neurotin. I am to try to notice a pattern as to when the tremors happen, when I'm tired, stressed? When I do have my cycle, do the tremors stop?

All so confusing. Are my "issues" related to Fibromyalgia or Menopause?


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