Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ropey Muscles

One day while putting lotion on after a shower, I noticed something felt different. I couldn't identify it. I was over 50 years old and never notice this before. By this age, you know how your body feels. Not to long after a friend with fibro sent me an email complaining of the same thing. You start thinking it's a new epidemic! To my "Fibro Bible" I go. Sure enough there is a section on "Ropey Muscles." In part, Dr. Pellegrino describes the fibromyalgia muscle like this. "Normal muscle has a texture of firm gelatin. Imagine that you take this firm gelatin and put in some grapes and strands of carrots and a couple chunks of pineapple, and when you palpate the gelatin fruit salad, you can imagine the lumpy, bumpy consistency (grapes and chunks) and ropey consistency (carrot strands). This is what fibromyalgia muscles feel like." You can see why I enjoy his writing style. :>)

My body shows me new "feels" every day. Some come and go, some stay forever. Gotta roll with the punches or you will go nuts (my opinion). When in doubt about what to do...REST!

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