Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Fibromyalgia Symptoms

To follow is a list of my Fibromyalgia symptoms:

Pain - medication has helped but does not go completely away

Fatigue - must monitor my activity. Fatigue is constant, worsening with movement and later in the day

IBS - the more I am on my feet, the worse this becomes

Balance - constant problem, worse as fatigue increases

Eyes - some days I have blurry vision or dark spots appear, burn, dry

Hearing - don't hear as well. May not be Fibromyalgia but noticed a difference when other symptons appeared. Hearing and balance tested.

Cognitive - replace words verbally and written with inappropriate words. Loose train of thought often

Swallowing - at times my throat feels restricted. Must drink water to swallow food, increases with fatigue

Sunlight and Noise - more intense than prior to Fibromyalgia, increases with fatigue

Depression - intense at times

Anxiety - This rears its head when plans change abruptly or I need to make a quick decision

Restless Leg - jerking. Creepy crawlies on legs and arms

Memory - Recall is difficult. Can see the words in my brain, but can't verbalize, worse as fatigue increases

Concentration - difficult

Sleep - averaging 1.5 hours without medication. With medication I get good sleep

Nausea - comes with fatigue

Itchy Spots - near underarm and knees - comes and goes

Headache - always there but with increased fatigue worsens. Migraines occasionally

Sweating - increased activity and fatigue. I have done this all my life when my body is taxed

Cold sensation and goose bumps on arms and thighs with increased activity. My husband calls is a "cold snap" as opposed to a hot flash

Tingling/numbness in limbs - comes and goes with increased fatigue

Loss of hair - lost a lot of hair during first year. My hair is now thinner

Blood Pressure - BP is high on medication. Dr. believes due to medication for Fibromyalgia..Effexor XR

Stiffness - Worse in am. When I rise from a sitting position, takes several steps to straighten

Cold sores - periodically, Lysine has helped

I am thankful not to have additional symptoms. Sometimes I need to remind myself to be thankful. When you hurt, physically weak from fatigue, sweating like a horse and your IBS kicks in, it's difficult to remember that you only have chronic illness.

I spent the day at the fair grounds watching my grandson, Josh, 10, participate in a horse show. He did well. My Fibro stayed in check. What do you know...a thankful moment!

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