Monday, June 29, 2009

Frightening Afternoon

In my last post I mentioned my concern for another day in the afternoon heat. My fear was well-founded. Just before Josh's second All-Star game was done, I started feeling funny. As we were rounding up our belongings, chairs, etc., my legs were shaking, head pounding, nausea, faint and a funny sensation throughout my entire body. As I settled in the truck for the hour ride home, I felt like I would pass out, sweat pouring. I dosed off and on. When arriving at our daughter's home I had a hard time walking. We excused ourselves from dinner and went home. After a brief nap, I could function briefly. Had a very sound sleep at night. I woke up this morning not feeling great, but there was still one game to play. The team did awesome.

I feel my body's reaction was from the lack of rest for several days and the heat. Even though everyone was very attentive to ensure I sat in the shade, I was unable to have periods of time to lay down.

Not feeling well, was again my fault, but didn't want to miss Josh's game. I have trouble balancing my need and my wants. I am so frustrated with being limited. I don't have time for being limited!! I realize God is trying to show me the slower side of life, which I always prayed for, I just didn't want to hurt.


  1. I wish I had sage advise, but you know your body better than anyone. You should listen to it and know that Josh will understand. He loves you and wants you to be around for more games, not just consecutive ones.

    Side note: Steve finally made a doctor appt.

  2. I know Josh will understand. I'm NOT the disciplined one :>(