Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day of Frustration

Two years ago I received my Social Security Disability. Starting this January, Medicare kicked in, providing me with medical insurance. I also signed up for Med Advantage through Blue Shield/Blue Cross.

On Friday I received a phone call from my Chiropractic office telling me that Medicare is not paying their billings. I couldn't call Medicare until today. I spent time reviewing my Medicare Book off and on all day, trying to understand it so I could speak intelligently. The more I tried the less I understood. About 11 am I felt like I was going into an anxiety attack. My friend, Judy, who I met two years ago, (she is from Gresham) came by for a visit. She saved me at the best possible time. We had a nice visit. I then fixed lunch and took an hour nap. Finally, at 4 pm I called. The first gentlemen I spoke to, tried quoting the book. I got the impression that he was new. He finally forwarded me to a billing specialist. He was equally as enthusiastic, but was able to answer my questions.

It looks like my Chiropractors' office was billing the wrong Blue Cross office. I called the office and gave the correct information. I do remember the secretary copying my insurance cards. Who knows, hope it all works out as I do not want the bill. :(

I wish I could function as not to cause anxiety. I know it is part of my Fibromyalgia, but I really dislike how it makes me feel. I feel weak, not in control of myself, and scared. When the anxiety subsides, I feel like I've accomplished something big, even when it is not much. And I'm tired. When I return to Wallowa County in the spring, I plan to talk to my doctor about how to help control the anxiety. I don't want to take another pill. My son, Seth, thinks I can talk myself down from the anxiety. This is what I do now and it is increasingly getting worse. The attacks are coming more often. What to do, what to do ......


  1. I think stepping back works for you. Just like it did in this exercise. You stepped back (not on purpose this time - you had a visitor) and came back to the issue fresh and not in the mire, so to speak.

  2. Sometimes I just have my hsuband make the calls.

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