Thursday, February 4, 2010

Movin' On Down The Road

Had a leisurely breakfast this morning then prepared the RV for travel. We moved south, about an hour down the road, to another BLM long term visitor's area (LTVA). The area is called Senator's Wash and is located behind the Army's Yuma Proving Grounds. It is dry camping but there are many amenities. Water, dump station, garbage, drinking water, propane, thrift shop, library, mail, and a gentlemen sells solar panels. We have access to the Army base to see a movie. The base also provides emergency medical care with ambulance. We can see for miles and look at the Chocolate Mountain Range. So quiet here.

As we were pulling into the LTVA we saw a couple we met two years ago, Harold and Judy.They were out for a walk. It was nice to see them. We found an available parking area next to the one we had two years ago. There are many more folks here than two years ago. We are only two RV's away from Harold and Judy. The area is very rocky. I could feel my body tense from the rugged roads. BLM grades them each year, but with the extra traffic, they are torn up.

After setting up the RV, we had lunch and I took a nap for an hour. Judy poked her head in to say hello for a minute. They were expecting company so could not stay long. We will have a good visit on Saturday.

Fixed chicken for dinner. It was good. Have been doing computer work this evening. Dwain has been playing his harmonica and I need to get away from it soon. The high pitched tones in the evening are shrill. One of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia is light and sound sensitivities. I have the most trouble with sounds in the afternoon and evenings. Seems to be when I'm more tired. The light bothers me anytime of day.

Tomorrow we will go to Yuma and do a little grocery shopping. Dwain wants to go to Home Depot and get the oil changed in the truck. We will probably have lunch at The Golden Corral, which is a buffet.

My Fibromyalgia has been doing ok today. Had a little trouble with the drive and the rough road, otherwise symptoms have been contained. :D

Time to do the evening dishes and get to bed.


  1. Have you tried noise cancelling headphones?? They make quite a difference when I am in a noisy environment with a migraine, and may work for you too.

  2. Your journey sounds delightful...but I can imagine how your body would tense over those roads! I can't pass by here today without sharing with you that I know people who have reversed their fibromyalgia -