Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not Much Going on Today

Don't have much to write today..I'm a little brain dead tonight. :(

Worked on taxes for most of the morning. After lunch, took an hour nap. Dwain had gone for a walk in the desert with his camera so it was nice and quiet. When I woke I had trouble with being light-headed. I sat in my recliner and read for about a half hour before starting dinner. Dwain returned with several beautiful photos, including a few with a great horned owl.

After dinner checked Facebook and now watching American Idol.

Pain in my back, neck and head continue to be my stand-out problems today along with Fibro Fog. Sharp cramps in my upper right leg as usual.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Yuma Market. This involves alot of walking. Thankful there are places to rest. We will also pick up drinking water and propane.

Having trouble concentrating on writing so will close for the night.

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  1. have a great day tomorrow!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! Taxes are such a drag. I have a friend do mine and mom's now. I got audited a few years ago and have been scared to do my own since!