Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

We've had a relaxful Valentine's Day. Completed a few household chores. After lunch we went to what they call the "Pit" at Senator's Wash. There were approximately 25 musicians who played and sang for two hours, much to the delight of their audience. They were over the age of 70. :D I tried to encourage Dwain to participate but he wasn't ready. I expect next week he will play. Felt good to sit in the sun and enjoy the music.

By the time we came home I was light-headed so tried to relax in my recliner. Can't figure out the reason for the light-head. The temp was approximately 78, but there was a nice wind blowing. It was not uncomfortable. I had a bottle of water and YES I drank it. As I write, it is 7:45 pm and I'm still light-headed. Guess I can chalk it up to Fibromyalgia.

I have so enjoyed the Facebook Fibromyalgia site. The ladies and gentlemen have become a family. It's like having our own neighborhood. Lots of uplifting Valentine wishes today. I would encourage my followers to look into the Facebook site. The participants are a tremendous support to each other. There is also a discussion board that is well-used.

We are watching the Olympics. What an amazing experience for the athletes.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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  1. Hope your lightheadedness is gone now! Glad you had a great valentine's day. Inspite of having to buy a new phone, ours was alright. I took mom to olive garden and got her candy, a bear, and a card. She had the bear in bed with her last night. It was kinda cute.