Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I need help

Does anyone using Blogspot have trouble with your "published blog" looking different than your "saved blog?"

A good example is my "Friends and Neighbors" blog from yesterday. The photos were the same size (medium) and my type was distributed evenly. When I checked the preview prior to publishing, it looked great.

The end result is one photo is large. The type moved around and several paragraphs are cramed together rather than a space between.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


  1. I had to look at your post to see what you mean. I don't know how they layout these things. My post always looks a bit different from what I type, maybe it is just the way it's supposed to be. Don't really know. Love the pics from yesterday though. Such clear pictures and pretty birds!

  2. I find that if I put them all in at once, it does just what you experienced. I have better luck adding images later and then sizing them one at a time.