Monday, February 15, 2010

Friends and Neighbors

One of the things I enjoy about full-time Rv'g is getting to meet our friends and neighbors, whether they are of the furry variety or those on two feet. Here are a few photos I've taken ...

I believe this colorful bird is a House Finch. My books show that male House Finches have red markings rather than orange. I have not found a bird that looks like this guy. He lives in Quartzsite, Arizona.

This little guy is only 4" in length..he has breakfast at a feeder on the back of our RV. He eats off and on during the day but spends more time here in the morning. He is a Broad-Tailed Hummingbird.

I find it very relaxing to hear the birds in song, to watch them in a tree or shrub, hoping from limb to limb. The Hummingbird and their quickness of flight is amazing.

We have a small lizard living in a rolled up carpet we keep under our RV. He is approximately 3" long and gray. He runs so fast on his little tiny legs. Lizards do not relax me!

There are donkeys living in the desert too!

There is a photo posted in the Welcome Center of a Cougar that was spotted not from where we are parked. Dwain got a photo of a Great Horned Owl a couple days ago.

We have reconnected with a couple from Gresham, Oregon (near Portland) that we met two years ago. It has been nice to have visits with them.

We are living in the desert just north of Yuma, Arizona. The weather has been perfect for me until yesterday when it reached 85. My Fibromyalgia rebels in the heat. Today it was 84. I do ok until after lunch when the temperature starts rising. It doesn't cool off 'til about 9 pm. So sleeping hasn't been a problem.

It is quiet where we are parked, with the Chocolate Mountains directly behind us. That has also helped with relaxing.


  1. sounds so fun! Love the pictures of the birds. I would love to RV full time. Perhaps in the future I will be able to. It is one of my goals.

  2. Heather..there will be a time when you it if you can, I highly recommend it. :D