Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Give Yourself a Fresh Start"

A Moment for You, Woman's World

"....that's all behind you now.
Regrets only weigh us down,
so why take them with you?
Instead, let hope lift you up
as you step forward...."

You get the diagnosis. Fibromyalgia. What's that? You do search after search, reading everything you can. This disease has taken over your body and your life. Who are you? You feel like a different person. Has someone invaded your body and taken over? How do you handle yourself? It is hard to remember who you were. The pain, fatigue and cognitive issues control you.

From this point on you are learning who you have become. How you fit your former life into your new life. The diagnosis "is behind you now." If you dwell on the negative issues of your new life, you are headed for depression. Yes, it happens, but you must continue to move forward...no dwelling! "Regrets only weight you down."

"Let hope build you up as you step forward....


  1. Hi Debbie, Gosh, I didn't know that you had blogs! This is so cool! I get the chance to get to know you better and get to see the inside of your life....your thoughts and feelings. I just love blogs and my blogging buddies, I have had my blog for 5 years and have made many very good friends along the way and now I have you too!!! I have so enjoyed getting to know you on Facebook and now on here too! Big Hugs to ya!!! I look forward to reading more!

  2. Debbie-I truly enjoyed your blog! We sisters in this nasty condition have to ban together! Feel well! Leslie

  3. Shelly R./Reno, NVApril 3, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    I was misdiagnosed for 7 full years. Turns out a simple test for lead and arsenic and an entire year of products that "leached" those toxins form my system, along with other products to strengthen and rebuild my affected body organs and I feel like a kid again and I'm 49 years old!

    I went 7 years misdiagnosed by tradtional doctors and I had ZERO interest in natural medicine until that's what so easily discovered; treated; cured and gave me my life back.

    I have nothing at all to sell - just so you know. There are a ton of ways to get lead and arsenic in our bodies and there are easy ways to get rid of it. I write today as a service to others I hope, so they can be tested for lead; arsenic and/or other heavy metals within their systems.

    Why not one traditional doctor did a test like this but only prescribed medicines that did nothing but "mask" the problems, I don't know. I find it disturbing to think there's that many doctors who would rather profit from other's illnesses than truly treat them. I'm also by the way, not against traditional doctors - they are useful but only the ones who also know the body can heal itself when given the right things to assist it. Do chemical compounds going into an all-natural body make much sense to you? How did we get so dupted into believing pharmaceuticals are the best and first way to go with a physical problem? Seriously, ask yourself this and give it some deep thought.

    I could barely sit up anymore; hands and feet in excuiating pain; backaches; stiff/sore neck always; migraines weekly + some; weakness overall; muscle cramps/aches everywhere. My bones started to dislocate and kept dislocating no matter how many times a chiropractor put them in place. My Husband had to help me dress and undress so I could go to work for 8 hours a day which was like living through hell. He had to prop me up in bed - wedge rolled towels under my neck; knees; dislocated shoulder, etc. It was miserable and I finally decided I no longer wanted to live for any reason - every day was the same and I felt as though I was actually getting worse (which the doctors who had misdiagnosed me said wouldn't happen).

    So meantime, I planned my own suicide in 2001 and only by the Grace of God, did I meet a doctor - a chiropractor with extended training in Homeopathy and other healing modalities. He knew the best way to find out why bones don't stay in place and why muscles don't do their job in keeping them in place. He used Kinesiology; chiropractic; herbs; homeopathics; exercise; diet, etc. to get me back on track. He's located in Reno, NV and Tahoe City, CA but there are many other doctors throughout the USA and abroad that also do these things.

    Seriously, how long have we heard about the problem of Fibromyalgia? It's a huge money maker and it physically and emotionally takes people's lives from them (not through death, but through the ability and desire to live a full life).

    If you want to remain sick and deal with all you must deal with, by all means continue on but if you want your life back, get tested to see what level of metals exists in your body and then find out how to get rid of them. If your doctor doesn't know or "scoffs" at this - go to one who does and is willing to do what's needed. It's not that difficult to get rid of metals and it can take a while but it will completely work and you'll be "you" again.

    Thank you for your time and reading this. I hope it not only gives you your life back but blesses you in many ways.

  4. Fibromyalgia does make you feel like a totally different person, and I think part of gaining peace is accepting your life WILL change. My journey toward coming to terms with Fibromyalgia and managing my symptoms through natural means can be found on my website at www.fibrodove.com. I hope you'll visit me there!