Friday, February 19, 2010

On Thursday we spent most of the day in Yuma running errands. What a tiring day. I did laundry, while Dwain went to the hardware store across the street. I thought my arms were going to fall off taking the clothes from the washer then folding it. The muscle exhaustion was intense. I hope next week, I think to have Dwain help me.

We got home at 7 pm so didn't hang the clothes until this morning. Amazes me how fast they dry here. Did a few household chores then BAM! My body was done. I knew I had done too much yesterday. Tried to push a little further to complete my project and nausea kicked in. I immediately sat in my recliner. Nothing will seat me faster than a sick stomach. :D After missing my nap for two days, I was ready. Just as I fell asleep, Dwain came into the house and that was the end of my nap (he is not quiet). I have been a slug all afternoon.

These events are a pattern with Fibromyalgia patients. If you over due your activity, you are bound to crash the next day. When this is your pattern prior to Fibromyalgia permanently in your life, you are in double danger. It is so hard to break the habit. There is a fine line between exercising enough to help your Fibromyalgia pain and too much exercise. All you can do is rest to feel better.

I hope a flare is not in the cards and I wish for a better day tomorrow, Saturday.

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