Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Happened?

Inside every sick person is a well person wondering what the hell happened. Anonymous

I think I posted this statement before. I ran acrossed it again and thought about it often today. I think Fibromyalgia sufferers do consider why did the good Lord pass this nasty disease to me? I've thought about God wouldn't give you anything you could not handle.

I feel I understand and am handling my Fibromyalgia.

I know that when my body says it can't continue, that I must at least sit but best to lay down. My body needs to rest.

If I continue to push myself, a flare is a given.

I know that I can't have more than one glass of wine or my pain increases the next day.

I know I can only walk or exercise for a short time or my pain increases or a flare takes over.

My IBS is under control unless stress is in my life. Anxiety...I'm still working on.

I'm doing well on my prescription medication. I was fortunate to have a doctor who put me on a good regimen.

I know that if I take my medications before 9 am I do fine. But if I take them after, my whole day is off. I hurt more.

I feel I'm under control, except if a flare arrives. I get a flare when I've overdone and pushed my body to do things that are now difficult. It's hard to remember you can't participate in life as you did before Fibromyalgia.

So I wonder "what the hell happened" EVERY day.


  1. OH I remember those days!! All too well.

    I went through every stage of grief.

    Thought God hated me.

    Strangely enough, though, FM has made me a better person. It's forced me to slow down and smell the roses.

  2. I totally understand this! I have often thought that God only hands us what we can handle and sometimes i think I can't handle what he has given me and others I am thankful he has given me this! What a contradiction!

  3. Slowing down has been wonderful for me. I was miserable that first year, trying different medications--none of which seemed to do any good--and constantly running, trying to do everything I'd done before. The past few months have been so much better! I'm off meds, growing this sweet baby and taking it easy whenever I need to. I do too much sometimes and need a rest day, but I always make sure I get it!

  4. Hi I try to remember to check your blog every few days but when I pulled it up this post caught my eye.

    I think I could learn to live and accept this a little better if the finances around here were not so bad..I should be out working at least part time. We aren't destitute but its so tight. We did not work all our lives to have to be so frugal. But then I don't feel well enough most days to really go out and travel a lot or spend money so I guess thats the good thing.

    I am waiting for my social security disabiity hearing, we requested it in october and my attorney says could be up to a year and a half..probably sooner but could be as long as 18 months. I have been seeing my doctors, and my psychologist has filled out paperwork for the attorney and SS. The depression has about overtaken the fibro at this point.
    We worked all those years and paid into SS every when I need help I can't get it. Not fair.
    Ok I vented..