Sunday, February 21, 2010

What A View

We are 20 miles north of Yuma, Arizona, behind the Yuma Proving Grounds, which is an Army base. We are on BLM land, boondocking. The photo above is what I see from my window. In fact, I took the photo from inside my house. The Chocolate Mountains are darker than the usual Arizona Mountains. I enjoy the light contrast against the dark and when the sun rises in the morning, they are beautiful. It took me some time to see the beauty of a volcanic desert. Looking out each windows gives me a different view. These views are to my southwest.

Sometimes we look out our windows and get lucky to see critters that live in the desert. Most are too small and you don't see them because they blend with the natural color of the desert. A few days ago, I looked out my large picture window in the back and saw coyotes. I took photos through the window. Because they were on the move, I couldn't focus fast to get a clear picture. There were four traveling together. You could tell their personalities even though we saw them for less than five minutes. There was a leader who moved quickly, no stopping. Then the want-to-be leader who stayed on the Leader's tail. There was the pokey puppy who sniffed everything while moving quickly but was aways back from the leaders. And then there was the old guy who sat on the hill and scratch 'til the last possible minute before moving on. There are many mesas and valleys between us and the Chocolate Mountains, so the coyotes disappear quickly.

I haven't had a chance to walk in the desert. A camper in the area reported seeing a Diamondback Rattlesnake so it has been warm enough for them to come out. Makes me nervous, but Dwain made me a walking stick and told me to use it on my walks. I had planned to go this morning but the wind is blowing 20 to 40 mph and has a nip to it. So will put off my walk 'til tomorrow. I enjoy looking for rocks and there are a zillion here, so never board. In the past we have seen different birds, jack rabbits, and lizards. There are not many but the desert flowers are starting to bloom.

My only concern, besides snakes, is that there are many hills, mesas and valleys. That equates to alot of up and down walking. My Fibromyalgia doesn't like up and down walking and uneven surfaces. All of which will be on my walk. I go slow and try to watch where I'm stepping. I take a small backpack with a snack and several bottles of water. This leaves my arms free of weight except my walking stick. I look back to pin point our RV or another one I recognize for reference so I don't lose my way. I wear something bright so to be found easier and I take my telephone.

Can't walk long, but enjoy the quiet and beauty of the desert.


  1. Positives: My taxes are done and mailed. I get off work in one hour and I'm finishing our wedding photo order today. (Those were two of my new year's res.) It was rough, yesterday, but Jacob is a certified mechanic so he had the car running with just a trip to Autozone and an hour's time. A cheap fix, but wouldn't have been if we'd had to pay somebody to do all the work. Gotta love him!

  2. Deb, in many ways... what a charmed life you lead. Your RV-ing home sounds wonderful and look at all the marvelous sights you get to see. I'm shaking my head. I have quite a history with Fibro & CFS, too. Thankfully, I'm well now & I try to share my positive experiences, plus a few other things. Let's keep in touch!
    PS- you're welcomed to visit my blog +
    Cinda Crawford

  3. Hi Debbie,
    My name is April and I am a volunteer with the National Fibromyalgia Association. Is there any way I can contact you via email? Please feel free to email me at Hope to hear from you soon.
    April :)