Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Friend Judy

My friend Judy came for a visit today. We haven't had more than 5, 10 minute visits at a time. So this was fun to catch up. Judy is ten years older than I am. So does that mean that Judy thinks younger or I think older? We meet on a level playing field. We made a "play date" in two weeks. We will go to the Farmers' Market, have lunch, then we will shop 'til we drop!

We had rain and alot of wind yesterday and through the night. Arizona needs the rain. We could have done without the wind.

My Fibromyalgia feels better today. I was able to work on the taxes for a couple of hours..until Dwain decided to work on his harmonicas...I had to be done. To much extra sensory noise. By afternoon through the evening noises (including nice music) become louder and shriller. Lights do the same thing..the brightness is intense. The list of Fibromyalgia symptoms is as long as your arm.

I have enjoyed the Olympics. The athletes' work ethic to be selected for the Olympic team and then their performance at the Games are inspiring. Not that I'm going to go straight out and learn to ice skate or ski. How about Curling?

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